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CANADA - 8th march revolutionary

maoistroad - Maroc solidaritè avec les prisonniers politiques sahraouis

Maroc : Plusieurs prisonniers politiques sahraouis en grève de la faim

Plusieurs prisonniers politiques sahraouis mènent une grève de la faim dans les prisons marocaines pour dénoncer leurs conditions d’incarcération et revendiquer le droit à l’autodétermination. Naâma Asfari a entamé une grève de la faim illimitée le 27 février dernier. Il a été rejoint, le 9 mars, par huit autres prisonniers du groupe de Gdeim Izik, malgré leur dispersion par les autorités marocaines dans plusieurs prisons et leur mise à l’isolement. Les proches des grévistes ont déclaré ce jeudi que les grévistes sont tous à l’isolement, sont l’objet de menaces, sont privés des visites de leurs proches. Leurs deux avocates françaises viennent d’être elles aussi interdites d’entrée au Maroc pour les rencontrer et les assister.
Les prisonniers politiques sahraouis

Brasil Terra para quem nela vive e trabalha!

Terra para quem nela vive e trabalha!

Escrito por LCP do Norte de Minas e Sul da Bahia
Publicado em 16/03/2018

Na quinta feira dia 08 de março, um bando armado de mais de 30 pistoleiros pagos pelo latifundiário Leonardo Andrade, atacou covardemente as famílias camponesas do Acampamento Terra Prometida, da FNL – Frente Nacional de Luta campo e cidade em Capitão Eneias. Neste ataque o dirigente estadual da FNL, Tiago Coimbra ficou gravemente ferido com tiros na cabeça e no corpo, outro camponês ferido a bala e diversos camponeses espancados, inclusive um senhor de 75 anos que teve a clavícula quebrada por uma coronhada.
O ataque foi comandado diretamente pela pistoleira Andreia Beatriz, que se apresentou como “gerente” da fazenda e quis se fazer de vítima e também contou com participação direta do advogado Robson Lima, que foram presos pois estavam no local na hora do crime.

200 Years: Remembering the Early Life of Marx and Engels until they became Marxists

Source : MLM Textbook from India

Obviously nobody can be born a Marxist – not even Marx. There has to be a process through which ideas and views are developed and formulated and take a basic shape which can be called an ideology. Naturally Marx and Engels too had to go through such a process before they came to discover and themselves grasp the basic truths of what we today know as Marxism. This process of thought was naturally determined to a great extent by the concrete experiences that both of them went through. In order therefore to understand this in some depth let us briefly look at the early life experiences of these two great teachers.

Karl Marx was born on 5th May 1818, in the town of Trier, in what was then called Rhenish Prussia, and which is today part of Germany. His father, Heinrich Marx, was one of the top lawyers of the town. The family was well to do and cultured, but not revolutionary. Both Marx’ parents came from a long line of Jewish priests. Thus, though they were economically well off, they had to face social discrimination in the anti-Jew atmosphere of Prussia.

In 1816, Marx’ father was forced to convert to Christianity because the Prussian government had then brought out a rule stopping Jews from practicing law. Similarly, in 1824, another Prussian law was passed to prevent non-Christians from being admitted to public schools. To overcome this, again Heinrich Marx was forced to baptize his son Karl, along with all his brothers and sisters.

Thus, though he was no believer in organised religion, Marx’ father was forced to adopt a new faith just in order to pursue his profession and give his children a good education.